Injuries Treated

The primary focus of the Northgate clinic is the treatment of soft tissue and joint injuries.  These types of injuries may create chronic pain and restricted movement.  If left untreated, they can degrade your quality of life.  You may begin to avoid certain activities and voluntarily restrict your movements to minimize the pain.  In some cases, the pain and disability can negatively affect your relationships.

We specialize in treatment and recovery from motor vehicle accidents, degenerative deceases, injuries caused by repetitive stress, sports injuries, and job related injuries.

These injuries can result from a variety of causes such as sudden impact, mechanical stress, repetitive stress, poor posture, poor diet and aging.  Sudden impacts or accidents are clear signs that help is needed.  The repetitive stress and degenerative injuries are more subtle as they are slower to present. Patients often do not connect their injuries to the activity or lifestyle that is creating them.

At Northgate, we have the training and experience to assess your physical situation and outline a treatment plan that will help you recover from or mininize your injury sites.  We have the ability to incorporate your XRays, Ultrasounds and MRI’s into the diagnosis.

Our treatment sessions are provided by experienced practitioners and are between 30 minutes to 60 minutes in duration.  The sessions are mostly hands on treatment and are supplemented with leading edge modalities as required.

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