Physiotherapy in Calgary

Physiotherapy is used to restore and maintain physical mobility of patients. It is an effective treatment which helps in physical rehabilitation. Finding the right place for physiotherapy in NE Calgary can be a challenge. It’s important that you receive the face-time you need with your physiotherapist and get the care you need on any follow-up appointments. At Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre, our treatment sessions are one-on-one in private rooms with a highly skilled registered physiotherapist trained in the latest methods to help you get better. The result is more personalized therapy, more effective treatment, faster recovery and greater value.

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

If you are experiencing any physical problems due to illness, injury, accident or ageing, consider seeking help from physiotherapists. They can help you restore your body functionality through massage, exercise and manipulation. If you don’t want to undergo surgery or take medication, this treatment can be beneficial to you. At Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre, we tend to improve your quality of life and lessen the effects of physical stress. If you are not aware of when you should consult a physiotherapist, take a look the following warning signs:

• If you have physical pain or discomfort.
• If you left old injuries unattended.
• If you have mobility issues.
• If you are experiencing neurological problems.
• If you are suffering from chronic pain.
• If you have lost mobility due to spine or brain trauma.
• If you have swelling and stiffness in your body.
• If you have pain in bones, muscles or ligaments.
• If you have regular pain post-surgery.

Benefits You Can Expect

After examining and assessing your medical history, our physiotherapist will advise the right treatment for you. They will not only guide you through the course of exercises but also recommend assistive devices to get rid of your body pain. Physiotherapy treatment is effective for all age groups. There are many benefits of physiotherapy, such as:

• It treats pelvic support problems.
• It ensures speedy recovery.
• It treats sore neck.
• It treats feet and ankle pain.
• It treats stiffness and swelling in your body.
• It is effective for people suffering from asthma.
• It improves joint function.
• It helps in rehabilitating muscles.
• It treats sports injuries.

If you want to treat your recurring pain, make an appointment with our therapists for physiotherapy treatment in NE Calgary. You can count on us for chiropractic, massage and alternative therapies. At our massage therapy centre, we treat various injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, sport or repetitive strains. Contact us today to know more about our body relaxation and rehabilitation services.


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