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Kinesio Taping Treatment in Calgary

Applying the tape in different ways allows the chiropractor or physiotherapist to achieve different effects. Either you are trying to help a weak muscle, or inhibit a tight muscle, stretch is applied to the tape during application in order to provide stimulation and activate mechanoreceptors in the skin to reduce perceived pain and lift the skin to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.

If you are an amateur or professional athlete, or simply have muscle or joint aches, you might be a candidate for taping. Make sure to contact your professional to see if you can receive the benefits of taping and if taping is right for you. The chiropractor will examine and evaluate if a taping method will work to your advantage.

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Benefits of taping:


  • Support of better postural position
  • Prevention of harmful ranges of motion without a hard feel
  • Reduction of strain on affected muscles


  • Enhances sensory stimulation and decreases perception of pain
  • Restores normal muscle activation
  • Reinforcement of functional stability
  • Stimulates the skin’s endogenous analgesic system


  • Forms a wave pattern
  • Superficial fascial thixotropy
  • Improves lymphatic flow
  • Improves superficial microcirculatory flow

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