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Four Whiplash Exercises You Can Do at Home

Whiplash can be caused by several reasons like vehicle accidents, sports injuries or trauma. WAD (whiplash-associated disorder) has varying degrees and treatments are specific to the degree of the WAD. Northgate Physiotherapy Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre offers various on-hands treatments for muscle and joint injuries. Read our blog to learn the benefits of regular massage therapy.

Have a look at the four exercises that will help you speed up the recovery: · Neck bends and turns This simple movement exercise will help stretch the neck and decrease tightness and improve mobility. Stand upright and face forward. Lower your chin towards your chest and hold the position for five seconds. Repeat ten times. Then fall back to the forward-facing position and turn your head towards your right. You can use your hand to pull your head gently. Keep this position for twenty seconds and then switch to the left side. Repeat the exercise three to five times on each side. You can do both these exercises while sitting down or even lying down on the floor. · Isometrics This set of exercises will strengthen the muscles in the upper back and neck. Start with the lateral push, place your right palm on the right side of your forehead and push against it without any neck movement. Hold the pressure for five seconds and switch to the left side and hold that position for five seconds. Repeat this exercise ten times for each side. Then firmly place both palms on the front of the forehead and push forward, followed by placing both the palms at the back of the head and pushing back. Hold these positions for three to five seconds and repeat ten times each. This will engage the affected area without straining it. · Prone cobra This is a yoga position developed to strengthen the neck, upper body and shoulder muscles. Lie face down on the floor on your exercise mat with your arms at the sides and palms facing downwards. Position your tongue at the roof of your mouth to stabilize the muscles in the neck. Pinch the shoulder blades and lift your hands off the floor and roll your elbows, while keeping your palms out with the thumbs pointing up. Lift your head and hold this position for about ten seconds. Repeat this exercise ten times. · Scapular Squeeze This exercise provides relief to the neck and strengthens the back muscles. Stand upright with relaxed shoulders. Pull back your shoulder blades together in a downward direction causing your chest to protrude. Keep this position for ten seconds and repeat this five times. Do this exercise twice per day and gradually increase the duration of the hold. You can increase the intensity of the scapular squeeze by pulling on a resistance band anchored to a door or a sturdy object. Do not overexert yourself while doing these exercises; otherwise, you might end up aggravating the injury. Count on Northgate Physiotherapy Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre for any information regarding whiplash injuries. We provide comprehensive treatment designed to suit individual needs, including massage therapy, shockwave therapy, cold laser therapy and chiropractic services. Contact us today for a whiplash-related consultation.


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