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5 Things to Know Before Your First Physio Appointment

Physio therapy

Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for all sorts of painful and functional conditions. If you are considering booking your first appointment for physiotherapy in NE Calgary, then you may be wondering what will happen during the treatment session and what you need to do to prepare for it. The physiotherapists at Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre have put together five helpful things to know before your appointment.

What to say The most important information that you will need to communicate to your physiotherapist is why you are there to see them. Be clear on what you need help with and what your symptoms are, as well as when your symptoms started and whether they are related to any specific activities. While physiotherapists have other diagnostic tools and techniques, the information a patient provides is crucial for establishing a clear and correct diagnosis. What to bring It can be very beneficial to jot down some important information in a list ahead of time and bring it with you. This can include more detailed notes about your symptoms and your condition, any medications you are currently taking, any other medical conditions you may have, and a list of past injuries. Family medical history information can be helpful as well. When to arrive It is recommended that you arrive for your first physiotherapy appointment in NE Calgary at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time, as you may be asked to fill out some forms regarding your health concerns and medical history. This way, you'll be finished with the form by the time your physiotherapist is ready to see you. What to wear Before your appointment, you will want to change into comfortable and loose clothing that will allow your physiotherapist to easily access the bare skin over the painful area. For example, if the problem is with your shoulder, then it is best to wear a tank top. Dress in layers so that, even if it is a colder day, you can easily slip the top layers off during your appointment. What to expect For your first physiotherapy appointment, your physiotherapist will likely begin by asking you questions about your pain and your medical history. This is why it can help to write down or at least think about this information ahead of time. Your physiotherapist will then perform a physical examination which, depending on your condition, may include observations of your posture, your strength, and your movements. Personalized Physiotherapy Services in Calgary Arriving at your first appointment with confidence will help you approach your treatment and follow-up appointments confidently as well. At Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre we provide physiotherapy services in NE Calgary tailored to each patient's unique needs. You will have private, one-on-one treatment sessions with a registered highly trained physiotherapist dedicated to helping you regain a pain-free and healthy life. If you have any more questions or to book your first appointment for physiotherapy in NE Calgary, contact Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre today.


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