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Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment in Calgary

Have you suffered from a collision injury on a Calgary road? Even low-speed car accidents can cause significant damage to the soft tissues of your body. Although there may be no broken bones, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints in your body can be significantly injured. Often people do not realize the extent of their injuries until one to two weeks after the accident.  At Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre we understand how traumatic being in a motor vehicle accident is. We are committed to helping you get back to living a pain-free life. If you need our motor vehicle accident treatment in NE Calgary, speak to us today .


Common Motor Vehicle Injuries
It is important to realize that there are often multiple injury sites. Injury sites include head, neck, back, jaw, arms and legs. Symptoms can include pain, stiffness, restricted range of motion, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears, headaches, and loss of sleep.


Motor vehicle accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries and physical problems in those involved. We can help identify and treat numerous issues such as:

  • Whiplash : Whiplash is perhaps one of the most common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. You sustain a whiplash when your head and neck are jerked back and forward quickly. This movement can damage the muscles, joints and ligaments in the neck.
  • Headaches : Headaches can occur from direct impact or whiplash. Not only that headaches can indicate the occurrence of a concussion or damage to your neck.
  • Concussion : Suffering from a concussion can cause nausea, sensitivity to light, fogginess, short-term memory loss and more. A concussion can result from a direct force to your head or as a result of whiplash.

  • Vertigo : Vertigo can result from the small particles in your ear becoming dislodged during a motor vehicle accident. It can cause spinning and dizziness and prevent you from taking part in your daily activities.

  • Lower back pain : Your lower back can become damaged after being quickly pushed into an overarching and forward-bending position. This movement can impact several areas in your lower back, especially the sensitive area where your spine joins the pelvis.

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain : Impact during a motor vehicle accident can cause your TMJ to become sprained. Generally, this results in pain in the jaw, difficulty chewing and can also cause headaches.
  • Fractures : Car accidents can force your body into awkward positions, cause you to suffer from fractures. Physiotherapy can encourage the healthy and quick healing of bones and restoration of mobility.

  • Arm and leg injurie s: Apart from fractures, various arm and leg strains and injuries can occur due to being in a car crash.

We will carefully inspect your symptoms and injuries to provide you with personalized treatments. Our team can address a wide variety of injuries and mobility problems with effective and non-invasive therapies.  In Alberta, the driver, passenger or pedestrian of either vehicle is given treatment paid for by the car insurance company. The most common condition diagnosed is the Whiplash Associated Disorder Level Two (WAD-II) which allows you access to 21 treatments in the first ninety days following your accident (protocol period).


Importance of Visiting a Physiotherapist Post Accident

Physiotherapy is the best way to minimize the risk of chronic problems. Our physiotherapists are skilled at treating injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident. Here are some reasons to visit our physiotherapists:

  • Speedy Recovery

    Your body can heal naturally, but there’s not much it can achieve without therapeutic intervention. Our professionals help you return to your normal activities with the help of exercises

  • Prevent Future Damage

    An accident can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues. If you do not seek medical assistance, you are at risk of degenerative diseases. Treatment of injuries is essential to prevent the risk of further damage to your body

  • Customized Care

    You receive customized strengthening and conditioning care from our therapists based on your injury


How Can We Help You?

At Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre, we understand that motor vehicle accidents can affect you physically and mentally in many ways and might affect your joint mobility, movement, physical capabilities, stress levels, sleep and more. The services and treatments that we provide to you are driven by the overarching goal of improving your overall physical health. Our holistic approach will lead to a minimization of your discomfort and pain and enhance the quality of your life.


You can rest assured knowing that you will receive comprehensive motor vehicle accident treatments in Calgary based on your unique requirements when you choose us.

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, contact us. We will assist you in completing necessary forms for your insurance company. Your health care practitioner will then access you and complete a treatment recommendation (AB-2 form) which you will sign, and this will be forwarded to the insurance company.

If you still require treatment after the protocol period, your health care practitioner can apply for additional funding under Section B of the insurance act.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we at Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre have provided reliable motor vehicle accident treatments in Calgary to numerous clients. There are many reasons to choose our services, such as:

  • We have years of experience
  • We provide a comprehensive range of treatments
  • Our treatments are non-invasive
  • We offer thoroughly customized services
  • Our team is made of seasoned therapists who are committed to serving you
  • We provide you with a hassle-free experience

Speak to Us

At the Northgate Clinic, we will help you navigate these forms and deal with your insurance company. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment for our motor vehicle accident treatment in NE Calgary, please give us a call


We also treat any kind of work or sports injuries .  Fill out our form to learn more about our services.

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