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  • 22/11/2021
    Here’s What You Need to Know About Icing and Heating Injuries

    Whether you’re experiencing chronic discomfort or an unfortunate sprain, it’s always good to know how to ease the pain from an injury. 

    If both heating and icing can do wonders for injuries, how do you know when to use heat or cold for pain? This handy guide will tell you all you need to know about heating injuries and when to ice an injury. 

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  • 24/09/2021
    Pandemic Stress Has Increased Chronic Pain: This Is Everything to Do

    Pandemic stress affects the entire world in 2021. People are struggling with work, housing, illness, and loss in their friends or family groups. The pandemic doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, so it makes sense that this stress will continue. 

    Sometimes stress can increase chronic pain. Chronic pain is even one of the more obvious symptoms of stress, even if people haven't experienced that pain in the past. 

    But what should you do about your pain? We want to help. Keep reading to learn all about managing chronic pain with physiotherapists in NE Calgary. 

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  • 25/08/2021
    Working From Home? Top Tips From Our Physiotherapists to Avoid Health Issues

    Working from home may be a dream come true for some, but it may also lead you to experience some side effects, such as back and neck pain. 

    Lower back pain is on the rise partly due to sedentary lifestyles and partly due to a lack of physical education. With more people staying home from work now, there are more chances to remain stagnant throughout your day. 

    Please read our guide below to find tips from our physiotherapists on avoiding health issues that may stem from working from home. 

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  • 25/08/2021
    Spa Massage vs. Registered Massage Therapy – What’s the Difference

    Many people assume that massage is the same no matter where you go. However, that isn’t the case.

    There are many different massage modalities, as well as techniques for application. Further, no two therapists will apply massage techniques in quite the same way. It can all get a tad confusing. 

    If you're not keen on the distinctions between various types of massage therapy, don't fret! Keep reading, and we'll fill you in on what you need to know.

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  • 24/02/2021
    Shockwave Therapy Benefits for Plantar Fasciitis

    Did you know that Canadians have been more susceptible to getting plantar fasciitis during the Covid-19 pandemic? While people are staying at home and walking around barefoot for longer periods, there has been an increase in foot pain and injuries.


    Fortunately, shockwave therapy is a highly effective treatment method that could offer significant improvements in plantar fasciitis pain. Patients can take advantage of these lasting improvements by visiting a physiotherapist as soon as they can. Sound too good to be true? Then keep reading to learn the truth about plantar fasciitis and shockwave therapy for NE Calgary residents.

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  • 17/02/2021
    Do I need a Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor? Learn the Difference

    Do you experience chronic or acute pain? Are you seeking relief from this pain? If so, perhaps you have considered seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist? Both of these practitioners can help you, but you may not know which one is best for your situation.


    Suppose you're looking for physiotherapy or chiropractic services in NE Calgary, you may be curious to learn the similarities and differences between these two types of health practitioners before moving forward with your care. This blog will explain the roles of each and will help to guide you in the right direction.

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  • 17/02/2021
    Summus Medical Laser Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

    While medicine can relieve pain when taken daily, it can also cause dependence on opioids. So, many individuals search for other ways to ease their pain. 


    Recently, NE Calgary residents have found chiropractic services to relieve pain, no matter how intense it may be. How do they do so? With Summus Medical Laser therapy! 

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  • 03/02/2021
    Your Best Choice for Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

    Studies show that motor vehicle accidents cause the majority of spinal injuries that become addressed and treated by chiropractors. When treatment gets delayed, improvements are less likely to be seen in the recovery following car accident injuries. It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


    It is possible that injuries won't show up right away. It may take days before you begin to feel any pain or discomfort. If you have been in a car accident, it is crucial to seek treatment as soon as possible following your doctor's initial visit. 


    Continue reading to learn why receiving motor vehicle accident treatment in Calgary from Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre is your best choice.


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  • 14/07/2020
    Four Whiplash Exercises You Can Do at Home

    Whiplash can be caused by several reasons like vehicle accidents, sports injuries or trauma. WAD (whiplash-associated disorder) has varying degrees and treatments are specific to the degree of the WAD. Northgate Physiotherapy Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre offers various on-hands treatments for muscle and joint injuries. Read our blog to learn the benefits of regular massage therapy.  

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  • 14/07/2020
    Can Physio Help a Sprained Ankle?

    A sprained ankle is a common injury that can occur after vigorous physical activity, such as sports, stepping on uneven pavement or accidentally turning your ankle in the wrong way. Ankle sprain generally involves straining the ligament that helps support your ankle joint. An untreated sprain can also affect the surrounding tendons and blood vessels. The chances of reoccurrence of ankle sprain increase with poor rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can help restore and maintain the physical mobility of your ankle. Count on Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre for effective physiotherapy in Calgary. We are dedicated to helping our clients with muscle and joint pains. Our highly skilled and registered physiotherapists specialize in the treatment of injuries caused by accidents, sports and other reasons.

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  • 04/06/2020
    Who Can Benefit From Shockwave Therapy?

    Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure used for treating various musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions. We deliver electromagnetic shockwaves to your injured bodily tissues, which stimulate the healing process. You should meet the experts at Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre to better understand whether the treatment is suitable for your medical condition or not. We can further tell you about how long your treatment will take and the number of sessions you will need, depending on the severity of your condition.

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  • 04/06/2020
    Five Benefits of Spinal Decompression

    Back pain is one of the worst forms of discomfort, and it happens to a lot of people for different reasons. While many suggest prescription drugs or invasive surgeries, we believe that less invasive methods such as spinal decompression will benefit more. The process involves alleviating pressure built up inside the discs of the back, located between each vertebra. This pressure, mostly caused due to injuries and issues such as bad posture, will be relieved through a decompression table. Count on Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre to help you with spinal decompression.

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  • 11/02/2020
    Understanding Shoulder Injuries

    Being extremely mobile and flexible, shoulder joints can sometimes be more susceptible to injuries than other joints. Minor injuries, pains and sore muscles in the shoulder area are both common and among the most difficult conditions to be treated. They can develop from an accident, overexertion or everyday wear and tear. They can also result from aging and bone-related complications such as osteoporosis.

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  • 24/12/2019
    Text Neck: How Screen Time Negatively Affects Your Body

    Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation to receive and transfer data. It may cause brain tumor, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and more. Furthermore, spending long hours looking down at your cellphone can lead to severe pain in your upper back or the text neck syndrome. It is a repetitive stress injury or discomfort in the neck caused due to excessive use of handheld devices over long periods. There is an extensive range of treatment options available; physiotherapy in NE Calgary could be a good one for you. 

    At Northgate Physiotherapy Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre, our therapists ensure you a faster recovery. We also provide kinesiology taping and vestibular rehabilitation services.

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  • 12/03/2019
    5 Things to Know Before Your First Physio Appointment

    Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for all sorts of painful and functional conditions. If you are considering booking your first appointment for physiotherapy in NE Calgary, then you may be wondering what will happen during the treatment session and what you need to do to prepare for it. The physiotherapists at Northgate Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre have put together five helpful things to know before your appointment.

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  • 05/12/2018
    Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

    When people hear the phrase “massage therapy” they may think of a fancy spa treatment. More and more, however, scientists are finding evidence of the importance of massage for our health. Perhaps most obviously, massage can play an important role in reducing stress and its harmful effects. We’re also learning, however, that massage is an important component in many medical treatment regimes as well—particularly when people are recovering from serious physical trauma.

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