Active Release Technique (ART)

back painActive Release Techniques (ART) is a modern and vastly successful treatment that addresses problems which are associated with soft tissue of the body such as muscles, ligaments, facia and nerves. ART makes it possible to deal with soft tissue injury because it can locate and treat scar tissue adhesions that are accumulated in the muscle as well as surrounding soft tissue area. Locating and treating the soft tissue adhesions using ART allows practitioners to:


  • Break up restrictive adhesions
  • Restore tissue flexibility and movement; and,
  • Reinstate flexibility, balance and stability to the area that`s injured as well as the whole kinetic chain

ART is very similar to a massage. The muscles, tendons or ligaments are firstly shortened and then applied using specific pressure of the practitioner’s hands as they actively strengthen and stretch the tissue. When the tissue is strengthened, it becomes possible to see the texture and tension of the muscles in order to see if the tissue is either healthy, or has scar tissue that will need more treatment.

When the tissue adhesion is felt, the direction of tension can be altered to treat the problematic area. This way, with every treatment, it becomes possible to determine the health of the area and specifically target it as the problem occurs.

Another benefit that ART offers is that it allows practitioners to assess and correct problems not only at the location of the pain itself, but also in areas of the kinetic chain that are associated with movement compensation and are often contribute to the factors of the problem. This in turn, ensures that all the soft tissues that have turned dysfunctional and have contributed to the specific injury are addressed, even if they haven`t yet developed pain.

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